The Chairperson of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD), Razina Alam Khan in a meeting of senate standing committee, announced the establishment of 12000 new schools in Pakistan.

Among those 12,000 new schools, 70% will be established in less developed areas of the country. Senators including Samina Abid, Gianchand and Jehanzeb Jahaldini were also a part of this meeting.

Chairman Committee Usman Kakar said that if “Karachi city is included in the list of less developed areas of the state than which city of the country is developed.” 1649 schools are established in Punjab but only 200 schools in Balochistan, while 24 schools established in Tharparkar, and 505 schools in Nawab Shah, which is discrimination with the less developed areas of the country.

The senate body recommended to increase the financial resources for for education and literacy as this is the basic need of a nation.

Usman khan, the Chairperson of NCHD emphasized on the deserving regions of the state which are ignored. Razina answered the senate body that no female teacher was available in the less developed area like Balochistan.

NCHD is facing alot of problems like the unavailability of teachers in less developed areas especially female teachers. Razina Alam Khan also told that NCHD is already for working the education of special children (disabled children) in the less developed area of Pakistan.