The worth of Bill Gates is increasing day by day; and that is an obvious thing. The man owned one of the World’s biggest company, Microsoft. And the hot news is that he is going to be World’s first trillionaire by 2042.

Oxfam, an international organization that is working to alleviate global poverty announced that the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is most likely to become trillionaire by 2042.

If the investments of Bill Gates continue to get 11% of profit, as nowadays, than after next 25 years, he will be the World’s first trillionaire.

Gates left Microsoft since 2006. At that time his worth was $50 billion. To the date, the worth has increased by $25 billion and now it is $75 billion. He is also a great charity worker. Still he has managed to remain on top for years now.

According to the report by Oxfam:

In such an environment, if you are already rich, you have to try hard not to keep getting a lot richer. The super-rich can achieve returns that are not available to the ordinary saver, helping the gap to grow between the wealthy and everyone else. The bigger the initial investment, the higher returns one can make as the initial costs of sophisticated advice and high-risk investments can be justified with the potential for super-lucrative returns.