Donald Trump, the newly elected president of United States, took a shot at the United Nations, which appears to have been in response to the UN Security Council approving a resolution demanding that Israel must immediately halt their illegal construction of settlements in Palestinian land.

Donald Trump, to save his friends in Israel from embarrassment, took to the Twitter to complain about it and called the U.N “just a club for people to have a good time”.

Two hours later his tweet, United Nations Twitter account replied with some hard hitting facts by mentioning their efforts all across the globe. United Nations have been doing excellent working though its executive committee agencies like United Nation’s Children’s Fund, the World Food Program, United Nation Development Program, and the United Nations Population Fund.

It is true that all the efforts of the United Nations haven’t been a success but it doesn’t suit an elected president to comment on it like that. Donald Trump could not be more wrong or more horrendously offensive when he disparages the UN as a “club for people to get together and have a good time.”