Facebook has been under severe criticism lately for the violent live videos on its platform. Now to solve the issue, the company is hiring an extra 3,000 people to get rid of violent content from its site.

Live streaming feature of Facebook was widely launched early last year, and since then the feature is being used as a mean to broadcast violent acts such as killings and suicides. The company struggled big time in removing such content from its platform in time, hence hiring 3,000 new people for the job.

The CEO of the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that “If we are going to build a safe community, we need to respond quickly”. He further asserted that “we are working to make these videos easy to report so we can take the right action sooner”.

The voilent videos and the criticizm reached on its peak when 20-year-old Thai man recently broadcasted live video, showing him killing his baby before committing suicide. Right after this incident, many social activists demanded the ban of Facebook live streaming feature.

The company’s step is welcoming and hope the Facebook quickly succeeds in controlling the violent content on its platform before its too late.