Well, more ways to make money and promote your business. Facebook is testing out a major way to monetize its Messenger platform with ads. Quite sizable ones, those ads will sit below your recent conversations.

The social network’s messaging app will allow companies to advertise on the home screen. They’ll consist of an image followed by a text and a link.

Facebook Messenger ads

Ads won’t show up in Conversations

Probably Messenger was the last Facebook thing which was ad free; but the company is making sure that the ads won’t show up in your conversations. However, by placing them directly below your recent conversations, you are likely to encounter them several times a day.

According to the company, a billion or so messages are already sent between businesses and customers. Businesses themselves can’t promote their products by sending messages to consumers directly, so a conversation is only started once initiated by the user.

For now, company is only testing these features in the beta version of the app, but we can expect to see these additions in the release version soon.

The messaging function was separated from the main app a while back and now with its billion or so users, Facebook is on its way to make Messenger a strong platform on its own and to give more opportunities to the people to grown their businesses.