In efforts to increase its earnings from advertising and to give its users even more ways to stick to the social media network, Facebook is building an app for set-top boxes to deliver video to your TV; The Wall Street Journal reported.

The TV application, which Facebook has apparently been working on for years, will work with devices like the Apple TV and bring viewers a variety of video content. It isn’t clear if it would show videos and clips from users feed, but the company is believed to be in talks with media companies to offer up “TV-like” shows upward of 10 minutes in length.

These efforts are driven by Facebook’s need to grow revenues beyond limits; as it is also a well known facts that videos generate more revenue than anything else.

With the introduction of such app in the market, Facebook will be going up against the likes of YouTube and streaming services like Netflix. Which means company will have to work hard and introduce something new and special to stay in the competition.