Facebook adds USB Security Key to its ever expanding array of features. It has been introduced exclusively for two-factor authentication, which is required at the time of logging into the website. Through with the Security Key, the receiving of a verification code via SMS will be eradicated.

Facebook’s security team announced in a blog post that the company would be supporting FIDO U2F Security Key to protect accounts from attackers and let users control their account security in a more secure and better way.

Facebook USB Security Key is a physical key that has to be plugged into the computer’s USB port and to confirm login information including a password.

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The security team also mentioned SMS verification messages weren’t very reliable option since a majority of users never create phone back-up. Instead a USB Security Key would be much more reliable and secure. This feature is currently only compatible with Chrome or Opera.

The security team explained on the blog:

Security keys for Facebook logins currently only work with certain web browsers and mobile devices, so we’ll ask you to also register an additional login approval method, such as your cell phone or Code Generator. At this time we don’t support security key logins for our mobile Facebook app.

facebook usb security key
Screenshot via facebook/hackread

To add a Security Key, users need to login via computer and install the latest Chrome or Opera browser version. Though the feature cannot be accessed from the mobile Facebook app, if you possess an “NFC-capable Android device with the latest version of Chrome and Google Authenticator installed” you can use the key to log in from your mobile.