After Netflix was launched in Pakistan last year, another streaming service, iFlix also makes its debut in Pakistan. It was much awaited event of 2017, as the last year in March the authorities had hinted about its launch in Pakistan. Later the news was confirmed in September 2016.

To provide a better service and a wider range of content iFlix has contacted the top studios around the world. About 150 studios have become partners of the newly introduced service in Pakistan — including Paramount, Fox, CBS, Warner Bros and Disney.

iFlix is a Kuala Lumpur based service. It has claimed that it is going to provide the streaming from all over the world irrespective of regions and boundaries.

iFlix Pakistan

Recently the service has been officially launched in Pakistan. Pakistanis now can subscribe to iFlix and enjoy the streaming. To subscribe people only need to visit the website and sign up. After signing up they can view the content.

The webpage of the iFlix tells that now Pakistanis will be able to watch many TB shows. There are thousands of shows of many categories that include amazing TV shows, life time drama serials, movies of all kind and much more.

The streaming will be done from the countries including US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and more. One thing that needs to be added is that the local dramas are also going to be the part of the catalog.


Users will be able to use the service on five of their devices. Subscribers access content on smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops or TV sets.


As the service is new, Online Streaming Service iFlix is providing one month of free access. There are no obligations of credit or debit card payment. The trial period of month is free. If you don’t want to keep the account, it will be deleted after the period of 30 days.

Otherwise the monthly subscription is going to cost you only Rs. 300/- only.