In August 2016, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, which lets users create montages of recent photos and videos in order to tell the story of their day.

Instagram Stories became popular very quickly, racking up 100 million daily users by October. It now has 150 million daily users, so Instagram is adding video adverts to Stories in order to make even more cash out of the app.

All Ads Are Skippable

Length of the ads will be between 5 seconds and 15 seconds, and will appear between stories. This means they won’t interrupt the flow of anyone’s montage.

The ads will be clearly labelled as sponsored and will also be skippable. Saving users the ignominy of having to sit through them in full.

Instagram has initially partnered with 30 brands, including Nike, Netflix, Airbnb, Capital One, and General Motors. However, Instagram will be rolling these out to all advertisers globally “in the coming weeks”.