Marriyum Aurangzeb, the Federal Minister for Information of Pakistan, has warned the public that strict action will be taken against anyone carrying out “negative propaganda” against the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif or his family, under the cyber crime and defamation laws.

“While the Panamagate case was in court, there was a lot being said about it on the media and social media, and no action of any kind was taken against it,” she said while addressing a press conference.

“However, in the past two weeks while the court has secured its verdict, a propaganda campaign has been carried out on social media, and people have been carrying out this campaign in an effort to influence the court.”

According to the minister, remarks like “if the verdict is in favor of the PM, then justice has lost,” were an attempt to pressurize the court.

For that very reason, the government plans on trying anyone carrying out propaganda against the PM and his family.

She claims this is not political revenge and should not be considered political victimization.