Razer is a well known name in e-sports and the PC world in general. They make gaming peripherals as well as gaming laptops and PCs.

This year at Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017), the company unveiled a prototype of a gaming laptop known as Project Valerie.

World’s First Triple Display Laptop

Valerie is a step away from Razer’s usual gaming laptop offerings (they’re slimmer and sleek looking). This one is a bulky notebook and that too given its uniqueness.

It comes with 3 screens, thats right, 3 different screens attached to a laptop’s form factor. It is the world’s first triple display laptop ever made.

Here’s how it looks like:

Project Valerie Specifications

Razer did not reveal any detailed specifications, but they did however say that the three displays (measuring 17.3 inches each) gets you a massive 12K resolution (11520 x 2160) with all of them combined.

Laptop comes with 32 GB of RAM and the same keyboard as the one present in Razer Blade Pro. It will also feature the same vapor chamber cooling tech included in the Blade Pro as well. There’s been no word on its processor and battery specifications.

Laptop will be powered by an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card.

Project Valerie
Project Valerie’s display hinge.

Supports Nvidia GSync and Surround

All three displays support Nvidia’s Gsync technology which synchronizes the higher refresh rates of the displays with the frame-rate of a game or whatever is on display at the moment. This reduces input lag in games and is mostly used by gaming enthusiasts.

It also supports Nvidia Surround which gets you a whopping 180 degree field of vision. This technology is for multiple gaming monitors connected together to play a single game. The game will then have a very large field of vision.

Project Valerie is currently a prototype.