As per the rumors before, there were strong chances that Samsung would launch a new AI assistant on the Samsung Galaxy S8, but with different names floating around – Viv, Bixby and Kestra – none of us were sure what it would be called. Now, thanks to Samsung’s Italian website, we know it will be called Bixby.

In a new version of its privacy policy, under the ‘voice services’, the site mentions Bixby by name, basically confirming that’s what it will launch under, and also confirming that it is, indeed, launching.

The site doesn’t reveal much detail about what Bixby can do, but it seems that users will be able to control all operations of the touch interface using voice commands.

It is also rumored that Bixby would also work with a large number of third-party apps, so it sounds fairly powerful, which it will need to be if Samsung is going to convince people to use it over Google Assistant.

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