Leaks of the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8  has been huge and we’ve seen enough photos and videos to have a very good idea of what the phone will look like, and its specs aren’t exactly a secret, either.

Among those leaks, most of them have shown either the black or the silver version of the S8. But now, courtesy of new leaked photos on Twitter, we can see what the upcoming Samsung flagship will look in other colors.

One photo which is pretty much very clear and in good result shows a functional Galaxy S8, in gold. Although the difference between various colors isn’t as striking on the front because the phone is basically all screen.

Another tweet shows front plates for the S8 in six different colors.

  • Glossy black
  • White, blue
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Regular black.

Leakers are now running out of the things to leak about the S8, but fortunately, we are heading towards the official date of the phone’s unveiling. Galaxy S8 will be officially unveiled on March 29 in New York.