USB’s have been getting alot of innovations lately. Their space and speed have been increasing insanely, with companies introducing latest technology to the market.

Kingston revealed its 2TB Flash Drive – the highest capacity Flash Drive – Now the SanDisk has revealed its Extreme PRO USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive, which is the fastest Flash Drive in the World.

According to the SanDisk, the flash drive not only offers 256 GB space, but it is the first to achieve SSD levels of performance, in real terms read and write speeds of 420 MB/s and 380 MB/s, respectively.

  • Extreme PRO 3.1 can transfer 4K movies in under 15 seconds, when plugged in to a USB 3.1 port.


The USB will be priced at $180 for 256 GB worth storage. There will also be a 128 GB version which will retail for $80, which will make it accessible to quite a few people.

  • Along with the flash drive, SanDisk has also revealed its Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Card, which is one of the fastest memory card available in the market.

The 256 GB card will offer transfer speed of up to 95 MB/s while also bringing read and write input-output access per second (IOPS) of 1500 and 500, respectively.