Twitter has released its yearly “Transparency Report” which shows that the social media network has suspended a staggering number of accounts – a total of 376,890 accounts in the second half of 2016 for the “promotion of terrorism.”

The latest suspensions make the total number of blocked accounts to 636,248 from August 2015, when Twitter put constraints to deal with “violent extremism”.

Twitter states,

“The removal requests we receive are generally regarding content that may be illegal in a specific jurisdiction. Governments (including law enforcement agencies), organizations chartered to combat discrimination, and lawyers representing individuals are among the many complainants we receive requests from.”

Requests made from Pakistan Government.

Account Information Requests

According to the Transparency Report, Pakistan Government made four total account information requests in last half of 2016, compared to six requests made during the first half. Although the number of requests made was lower, the number of accounts specified in the requests had increased from 22 in the first half to 38 in the second half.

Account Information Requests made by Pakistan.

Account Removal Requests

Pakistan also made 13 requests to Twitter for the removal of 19 accounts between July to December last year, compared to eight removal request for 32 accounts in the first half of 2016.

Account Removal Requests made by Pakistan.

Twitter did not fulfill any of the requests made by Pakistan Government.

Globally, removal requests affected a total of 13,022 accounts. Among those, 2,245 accounts had some content removed for violating Terms of Service, 1,480 accounts had some content withheld, and no action was taken on the remaining 9,297 accounts.