On Monday, Ufone and PTCL services went down in Pakistan. Clear reasons for the blackout are not yet declared, but assumptions are that it happened because of the PTCL cable cut.

Ufone users were affected, as they were not able to call or receive any call from other Ufone numbers. They stopped receiving any text messages from any network and also couldn’t send any.

PTCL, which is the biggest source in the country to use internet, also went down in major cities of Pakistan. Users weren’t able to connect to internet or make any call through the landline.

Reasons of the blackout

Although PTCL officials said that the reasons behind the blackout was a cable cut problem, but it is still unclear that if that was the case, then why many users were able to use Ufone for only calls, or for some users, only Ufone 3G went down, while they were able to use 2G.

According to the former CEO of USF Pakistan, Pervez Iftikhar:

“Cable cuts have to be at very “strategic” locations that they aggravated the problem in the network to this extent. If it were indeed multiple cable cuts, then it’s a badly designed network.”

This incident was the first of a kind in the history of PTCL.

Mr. Imran Janjua, General Manager PR at PTCL, said that PTCL’s network is designed for business continuity and high availability.

“However, due to abnormal cuts in our cables in different remote parts of the country, internet services were impacted which have been fully restored.”