In order to keep up with the latest trends and compete with WhatsApp and other application like that, Viber has introduced instant video messages and chat extensions. This feature allows users to share short video messages with the friends.

Viber’s users can benefit from this feature and record a 30 second video to share with friends. This new feature is incorporated into the chat window and can be accessed by swiping on the voice message button.

Features of the Viber video messages

  • Users can only record 30 seconds videos.
  • Unlike Snapchat, there is no limit for the videos to expire.
  • With third-party services, Viber offers a wide range of integration. Giphy, Wikipedia, viber stickers, and the MovieDB will be included in this feature.
  • Users need to type @ for accessing the service they want similar to as @stickers.

The Chief Operating Officer of Viber, Michael Shmilov stated that, “With the addition of Chat Extensions, people can now access a variety of external services directly from their chat screen, search, and instantly share content with their friends.”

All these features will be available on all iOS and Android devices. Just update your application to get them.