The data capacity of hard drives have been increasing rapidly with time, while the size of a disk is getting smaller. Now 1 TB hard disks have became a norm – some users even go with 2 TB or a 3 TB hard disk, but who would need a 12 TB space?

Surely there are many people who want to store huge amount of data. This is the good news for them. Western Digital – WD is going to ship the first ever 12 TB hard drives starting this month. That’s not all, the company is also going to release a 14 TB hard drive later this year.


Both of the hard drives feature 8 platters. They both run at 7200 RPM as well which has almost become the standard these days. These will be available in SAS and SATA configurations for both, enterprise and regular consumers.

They will also feature 256MB of cache with an 8 ms seek time for reads and an 8.6 ms seek time for writes.

The 14 TB HDD will be based on Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) rather than the faster and more reliable Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) which most hard drives use these days.

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WD did not share any pricing details but you can easily expect these two drives are going to cost some money because of their efficiency and storage space.